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Learn Flexi-Strand
  • Are you looking for healthier hair extension alternative?
  • Want to learn a revolutionary new No-Sew, No-Glue, No-Tape hair extension method?
  • Ready to become an Enterpreneur!!!
Then look no Further!
Our DVDs provide the detailed, step-by-step instruction you'll need to begin applying all Flexi-Strand products. When you're ready for more indepth training or to become an authorized Flexi-Strand or SecureTress service provider, please plan to attend a Hands-On Workshop.
SecureTress Education Flexi-Strand Education

Learn to create the natural hairline you've always wanted from a lace front, combined with the security of a sew-in, with no sewing, glue, adhesive or tape - in just one hour, with the SecureTress 1-Piece Weave.
Whether you need just a few rows, or to add a little length and fullness in the crown area, or a full head weave Flexi-Strand, is the healthy no-sew, no-glue way to extend and protect the natural hair.
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SecureTress Demonstration Class
Our Price: $35.00